Understanding the differences between silk, mink and faux mink eyelashes.

Updated: Jan 5

Feeling overwhelmed from seeing the different type of eyelashes out there? We feel you.. we've all been there. & that's why we're here; to help you understand these differences now and hopefully it'll help you in making your decision regarding what's best for your eyes.

Let's start by clarifying this:

Generally all false eyelashes, whether magnetic or not, are made of an artificial synthetic fiber called PBT aka Polybutylene Terephthalate which is a thermoplastic polymer/polyester. It is a material that is commonly found in your household and is not hazardous for health, which is why it is a common fiber used in a cosmetic product that people would put somewhere as close as their eyes. PBT is known for its ability to keep its shape(say hi to long-lasting curls!) thanks to it's high resistance properties and is uniquely soft and flexible which closely mimics the fineness and fluffiness of real mink fur. The names 'silk', 'faux mink', 'synthetic' or even 'velvet' that you might have come across are just terms used in the world of eyelashes to differentiate characteristics other than the material used, such as their weight, degree of taper and length. As different vendors vary from one another, be sure to check with them individually.

Silk Lashes:

As the name sounds, our handpicked silk lashes collection are meant to be luscious and luxurious- like real silk, with a little sheen to it. While it is still made of the exact same PBT, silk lashes have a shorter taper than faux mink. In easy terms, the lash starts thinning out a little late, a little closer to the tips. This means that it is more full-bodied and thick in the middle giving the illusion of a more dramatic and out-there finish. Perfect for a special occasion or a night out and for people that likes a bolder look.

(Real) Mink Lashes:

This type of material is arguably THE most natural falsies out there. While it might not be an option for those of you who are vegan or have an allergy to animal fur, mink lashes are the OGs. The lashes taper into a long, ultra-thin tip hence they are suuuuuper duper fluffy and I mean reaaaallly.. fluffy, lightweight and natural. They give a barely-there/no-make-up-day feel and look. These lashes are generally a bit more expensive than their faux friends because it is not as easy to work with and on top of that, these lashes are handmade and go through a process of sterilization and manual perming. Mink fur lashes are not uniform, the curls are inconsistent, does lack in the lift factor and they are not water resistant too but hey! that's the beauty of it. Like human lashes, they are perfectly imperfect.

These lashes need to be curled by the user every now and then but we assure you, the ultra-soft, ultra fine lash and super thin tapers will be loved by many.

Faux Mink Lashes:

Faux Mink aka fake mink lashes are designed to look and feel like actual mink fur minus the cons of using animal's hair. Faux Mink is characterized by its au natural finish just like the OG, and has a longer taper than those of a silk lash. The taper begins earlier hence it is lighter than silk lashes and more suitable for people with weak, fine and sparse eyelashes to prevent a droopy falsie set. Faux Mink Lashes are the to-go choices all because of how light and comfortable they feel on the eye when worn for long hours.

Our lashes are also made with a black, soft cotton band that ensures all-day comfort and flexibility in applying and taking off your lash at the end of the day without losing its shape!

And there you go! We hope we successfully simplified the differences between the three for you muses out there but if you have any questions please dont hesitate to reach out to us.

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