Are Magnetic Eyeliners safe?

Hello Muses!

Just like you, the founders of Muse Beauty are obsessed with lashes! Going from traditional mascara-coated lashes to falsies, lash extensions and lash perms.. oh boy, we have tried everything under the moon! It was either too costly to maintain or having lashes that lose its curl in the middle of the day or worrying about bacteria growth in your week-long extensions. On top of that, it is pretty time consuming. While conventional strip-lashes in general are not new in the market, we don't fancy the idea of throwing it out after every 2-3 uses. And then we stumbled upon the world of magnetic lashes. We tried and tested it and absolutely L-O-V-E-D it. Reusable up to 40 times with BOTH adhesive and magnetic properties PLUS it draws on like an eyeliner? How about Y E S? Hence Muse Beauty was born! We just gotta share this gem with you muses out there. :)

Say hello to easy mornings. You do not have to be a guru to wear them perfectly, trust me, I'm a pretty clumsy person and applying traditional strip lashes was a pain in the ass. And hey, let’s be real- who wouldn’t want falsies that apply in minutes and mimic the look of lash extensions?

Okay yes.. we could talk for days about our magnetic lashes and how easy it is to apply but lets address the important things first.

We want to answer your biggest question:

Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use around your eyes?

Yes. Magnetic eyelashes are safe for use and have been around for a couple of years now. If anything, it is even safer than using glue-type strip lashes which can cause allergies in some skin types. The magnets attached to our magnetic eyelash bands have an ultra-low grade electromagnetic frequency hence it is generally considered unharmful for daily use. Taking off your magnetic lashes at the end of the day will not require a strong force and most definitely will not hurt your eyes, if done slowly and gently.

What is in our Muse Magnetic Eyeliner?

If you go over to, you will find that all our ingredients, which are below 3, are safe. Our eyeliner contains an ingredient called Iron Oxide, which is the main ingredient that gives it the magnetic properties. Iron Oxide is a natural compound and can be found in most beauty cosmetics and even in skincare. It is known to be non-toxic on the skins surface.

Is it safe to have magnets THAT close to the eye?

Yes, there is no problem with the magnets adhering to the eyelids if they do not accidentally penetrate your eyes. Magnets do not cause any kind of disruption in your eye movements or your vision.

Are magnetic eyeliners safe during pregnancy?

While there are plenty of lash wearers who are also pregnant, we would recommend to first check with your doctor for further assurance. All the listed ingredients are safe and non-irritating however if you experience any irritations or complications, you should contact your health professional immediately.

Magnetic eyeliner general safety tips.

o Wash your hands and make sure they are clean and dry before handling the falsies.

o Do not share your eyeliner with other people.

o Keep your eyeliner bottle closed after each use.

o Do not use if you have eye infection or irritation.

o Do not try to put your lashes or eyeliner on in a moving vehicle as this may cause accidents.

o We recommend replacing your eyeliner 6 months from the day of opening.

How do you take off your eyeliner?

Step 1 : Use a cleansing balm, cleansing oil or any make up remover which is oil based. This is because oil breaks down the eyeliner components best.

Step 2 : Gentle massage the eyelids in circular motions to melt the eyeliner away. Try not to put too much pressure as you could get the liner/oil into your eyes and might even promote early wrinkles!

Step 3: Cleanse your skin as per normal and use a cotton pad to clean up any leftover magnetic eyeliner residue(if any).

And there you go!

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